How wind energy bring economic prosperity to local communities

Wind Europe, an industry lobby group, released a report in October with the subtitle “How wind energy will put communities at the heart of a green recovery”. A quick look at its findings demonstrates why onshore wind projects (such as those being developed all over Europe and North America by Abei Energy) can propel a sustainable recovery for a Covid-battered world economy. Three statistics highlighted in the report’s summary neatly capture the economic contribution that...

Cartuja 49,99 MW PV

ABEI Energy has achieved RTB status for the 49.99 MW Cartuja solar farm. Next week we will begin the EPC works. This wouldn't have been possible without the whole ABEI team.
Job Offers at ABEI Energy France

Job Offers at ABEI Energy France

At Abei Energy we are constantly expanding. We are currently taking applications for new members of our team in France. Check out the positions available, send us your resume and join the team! CHEF.FE DE PROJETS PV AU SOL CONFIRMÉ CHARGÉ.E D’ÉTUDES SIG CHARGÉ.E D’AFFAIRES FONCIÈRES FONCIÈRES ÉOLIEN CHEF.FE DE PROJECTS ÉOLIENS CONFIRMÉ CHARGÉ.E D'AFFAIRES FONCIÈRES SOLAIRE PV AU SOL CHARGÉ.E DE PROJECTS ÉOLIENS And we have this one for Wind Senior published in Linkedin:...

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