The French giant Engie takes the first steps to shape its first photovoltaic plant in Spanish territory . Official sources of the gala multinational confirm that it will develop the 50MW that was awarded in the renewable auction of July 2017 in Palma del Río ( Córdoba ). The local developers PSFV Palma del Río , whose only administrator is Abei Energía & Infraestructure , had carried out all the work of promotion on the ground where they foresee an investment of 50 million euros that will generate during the execution period of the work up to 100 jobs . The land where it is located was acquired by the Cordovan city council to the Ministry of Agriculture of Andalusia. In total, there are 107 hectares ( more than 100 football fields ) to produce almost 100,000MWh per year. This means, according to his calculations, a reduction in CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere of around 70,160 million tons. With this plant that aims to develop Engie, there will be four solar parks in the Andalusian town. Two solar thermal installations of 50MW each were sold in early 2018 by Acciona to the British fund Contour Global . To complete the photovoltaic plant, Engie is looking for responsible personnelto act on the ground. Specifically, three weeks ago I was looking for an electrical engineer to work as a site manager . Sources of the multinational participated by the French State argue that the plant will be in operation in 2020 , which would comply with the deadline requirements demanded by the auction convened by the Popular Party Government in 2017. Engie is an energy multinational with a global presence. In Spain it has two combined gas cycles for electricity production. Recently, he angrily criticized Pedro Sánchez’s government for eliminating the payments for availabilityenjoyed by these plants and which, according to the employers’ association Aprie that represents them, are determinants for its viability. Engie also acts as a marketer for large industrial customers in the national territory. In this sense, it has signed important contracts for the sale of renewable energy with Forestalia , one of the newest players in terms of renewable energy in Spain. Engie has around 15% of the share capital of its Goya project, a development of wind farms in Aragón of 300MW. Font: El Confidencial Read more

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