Renewables saved approximately 15.89 billions euros to the energy industry in 2.014

In 2014, the renewable energy sector as a whole contributed approximately 7.39 billion euros to the Spanish GDP, reduced our balance of trade by 2.31 billion, represented a net contribution to State tax of 970 million, invested 216 million in technological innovation, avoided energy imports in the sum of approximately 8.47 billion, saved 325 million in CO2 emissions and employed 70,750 people.

Additionally, within the electricity industry, renewable energies caused savings in the daily markets or pool in the sum of approximately 7.1 billion euros. This saving was approximately 1.87 billion higher than the regulated retribution (former premiums) received by renewable energies. This retribution was approximately 5.24 billion euros during the last financial year, 22% less than the sum received in 2013.

Altogether, renewable energies saved the energy industry approximately 15.90 billion euros in 2014, in savings of imports and emission and lowering the pool costs.

Source: Asociación de empresas de energías renovables (Association of Renewable Energy Companies)

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