How wind energy bring economic prosperity to local communities

Wind Europe, an industry lobby group, released a report in October with the subtitle “How wind energy will put communities at the heart of a green recovery”. A quick look at its findings demonstrates why onshore wind projects (such as those being developed all over Europe and North America by Abei Energy) can propel a sustainable recovery for a Covid-battered world economy.

Three statistics highlighted in the report’s summary neatly capture the economic contribution that onshore wind makes to communities. The sector supported 225,000 jobs in 2019, adds ten million euros-worth of economic activity for each turbine built, and contributed over €1 billion in local taxes and community benefits in 2019. These jobs and economic benefits are spread throughout economies, from high-tech manufacturing jobs to local construction and maintenance teams; and from environmental survey work to local council planning teams. Furthermore, wind energy projects often contribute in ways beyond economic gain by overseeing habitat restoration and tree planting, and supporting local projects in isolated rural communities. Indeed, whole businesses exist to help communities spend the sums made available to them through benefit funds. These funds allow otherwise cash-strapped rural areas to invest in their village halls, bus services and youth centres. In a time of economic hardship, these funds become even more invaluable to their recipients.

Beyond the Wind Europe report, the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, made a sustainable pandemic recovery the centrepiece of his characteristically boosterish Conservative Party Conference speech. His commitment that every home in the UK will be powered by wind energy by 2030, while light on detail, demonstrates the bipartisan consensus on renewable energy that exists across much of Europe. From the traditionally left leaning Nordic countries, to centre-right administrations in Germany, France and the UK, renewable energy is well placed to spread economic and social prosperity across the continent. Abei Energy continues to invest in making this future a reality.

To find out more about how the wind energy sector can contribute to a sustainable recovery, have a look at Wind Europe’s new report in full:

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